LT COL Hidayat Ullah (R)
            Director Administration
            Ahmad Medical Institute


Ahmad Medical Institute is committed to achieve excellence in health related, education & research and
assesses the programs using the highest standards of quality, innovation and visibility. Our objectives of
imparting professional education, combined with fostering innovative thinking, application of knowledge,
are being met at AMI in an integrated form. I am confident that with the concerted efforts of team AMI,
the Institute will scale to greater heights of excellence in the years to come.Insha Allah.
I assure the students that they would get the best infrastructure, quality faculty and top class work environment.

The right choice is not just about finding the courses one likes; it is also about choosing a specific
program and the institution. Of course, such decision can fundamentally transform your future.
In other words, it is your future that begins to unfold the moment you make this decision.