• Introduction     

    General Policy


    The Library is committed to provide a safe, comfortable and clean environment to its users. Library users are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with these goals and objectives as well as policies and applicable laws.

    Prohibited activities inside the library are:

    Loud or disruptive behavior Harassment, threatening and dangerous behavior Destruction or defacement of library materials, equipment or facilities Theft of library materials Making limitation or prevention of access to resources by means of theft, damage or misplacement of library materials

    • Food and drinks

    Beverages in closed and open containers are not permitted in the library. There is also no food stuff permitted in the library.

    • Cell phones

    Talking on cell phones is not permitted in the library.

    • Library Collection

    Our library collection aims to meet the teaching needs of the institute's academic programmes and to build a significant and distinctive scholarly research collection.

    • Teaching Collection

    The teaching collection holds a number of recommended and standard texts and reference materials which students will need to utilize properly.

    • Reference Collection

    It includes general & medical dictionaries, books & medical journals and other reference material, in print and electronic form.

    • Library Staff

    They should be on hand to provide instructions and guidance to use the appropriate resources in the library.

    • Library Timings

    (Monday to Saturday) 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Library will remain closed on Sunday & Public Holidays.

    If you require any further information not to hesitate to contact Library at librarian@ami.edu.pk . Land line No.+92-91-5702201,5702202 Ext 807.
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