• Introduction     

    Vision , Mission & Aim


    To make library resources available online through:

    Intranet Internet
    • User-friendly systems and services in a friendly environment
    • An invitation to explore, learn, and gain knowledge
    • To Build and strength Research culture


    The Mission:

    The mission of the library is the advancement of medical education by: A variety of information resources to users in all formats (Print/Electronic) By a culture that values information for higher education Access to external information through consortia, networks, the Intranet, and the World Wide Web Quality service to the faculty members and Researchers Service-oriented, experienced information


    The main aim of the Central Library is:

    • To provide the Right Information To the Right User At the Right Time
  • Vision, Mission & Aim
  • General Policy
  • Membership
  • library rules
  • Services
  • Digital Initiatives
  • Organizational Structure
  • Opening Hours