• Introduction     


               Ahmed Medical Institute Library Peshawar is now one of the well-organized academic libraries in Pakistan. It is located in the third floor of AMI Administration block. It contains a print book section, a reference section, quiet study room, discussion and group study room and an e-library. There are more than 120 seating area for the readers. Library has facilitated students, faculty and researchers in their studies, teaching and research. It provides an attractive collection of books, journals and reference material. The library has promoted inquiry and critical thinking by providing access to the information resources with the information according to the needs of students and faculty. The library is a central part of the Academic Institute and it provides educational resources to support the college work and mainly serve the faculty and students of the MLT, Radiology and Rehabilitation sciences.

    Its collection comprises of books, professional journals/ periodicals, newspaper clippings and digital databases. The library is with books, medical journals, magazines, access to electronic/ digital libraries and other materials on various subjects of interest. The books have been classified using Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme. The effective practices of acquisition, organization and dissemination of information have been highly valuable in extension of services to the readers. The library adds new titles and updates its collection regularly to enhance student’s education and to make available the latest resource material for faculty members.

    The e-library has an extensive collection of CDs/ DVDs & audio-visual. Registered library members may search library catalogue, Higher Education Commission Islamabad digital library, e-books on LAN (Local area network) using library software (LIMS).

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