• To produce leaders for the nation through a holistic development of individuals by providing sound knowledge, higher analytical ability and commitment to generous service and respect for the Nation.
  •  To establish a knowledge-based, tolerant and progressive society that may struggle for the establishment of a socio-moral order in our state/society.
  •  Provide medical students, the state of the art knowledge, skills and attitude to deliver the highest standards of health care to the people.


  • AMI strives to achieve excellence and national and international leadership through unparalleled teaching and research, holistic undergraduate education, and civic engagement to serve the critical needs of society.
  • We seeks to accomplish this mission as a unified institution .we strive to apply best practices and new standards  to impart medical education on regional and international level. An innovating, welcoming and enterprising institute engaged and committed to excellence in education, research, creative activities and community partnerships.
  •  It dares to be different and draws on its diversity to transform the individuals and the society.


  • To make students independent learners and confident to meet the challenges throughout the world.
  • To maintain the level of excellence and standards in all programs that will give a national and international significance to students.
  • Demonstrate profound knowledge of basics as well as clinical science, with fundamental context and application in their relevant field.
  • To encourage students to seek academic and moral excellence.
  • To prepare students for creative and constructive thinking.Understand, correlate and apply theoretical knowledge to the practice of health science relevant to their discipline.
  • To encourage the spirit of tolerance and understanding of other cultures, races, faiths and classes.
  • To prepare students for optimum public service, through demonstrative leadership and communication skill to actively take part in health care services.

Future Aims:

 We aim to achieve excellence in education,  we have undertaken and proceeded a higher quality education at BS Level.

On BS level we have a number of technologies, three of them have got affiliation from KMU, are respectively,

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT)

Medical Imaging Technology / Radiology (MIT)

More programs are needed to be generated, to bring awareness and innovation among the students, that in future they can easily tackle the critical needs of society. For this purpose we have already applied for the affiliation of Dental, Health, Anesthesia & Surgical Technologies from KMU and the affiliation is under process.

Our future planes are:

 We are anticipating to promote our college into a well organized University in future, providing sound knowledge through unparallel teaching & research.

We are also intending to initiate FSC Medical technology after getting its affiliation from BISE.

Four more technologies will get affiliation e.g Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Dialysis, and Emergency.

Additional Technology:

We are looking forward to introduce DIT from Board of Technical Education (BTE). And we will give facilitation to AMI students and Employees by providing them an opportunity to do this course free of cost.

We are quite ambitious towards our goal, having strong planning and strategies.

Any organization that stand still, will go backward. U have to plan to win, prepare to win and expect to win because our goals can only be reached through the vehicle of a plan, and this belief lies at the heart of development at AMI.