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Introduction :

AMI introduce bachelor in health & Medicine students can gain broad knowledge about the health field by studying natural and social sciencesMedicine and health includes disciplines that focus on the diagnosis, treatment, prevention of illnesses and diseases as well as the care and rehabilitation of human beings. This program offers students an interdisciplinary approach to study health sciences and global public health.

Medicine and health degrees cover subjects from disciplines such as biomedicine, health management, nursing, nutrition, pharmacy, medical terminology . Many interdisciplinary fields have emerged that are strongly connected to advanced technology, involving expertise in engineering as well as natural sciences. Examples include medical imaging or medical devices.

Basic medical knowledge focuses on knowing the basic human structure, function and health, advancing to more specialized medical branches. In their first years of study, future medical professionals receive training in human anatomy, physiology and biochemistry, in addition to subjects from related areas such as biology, biotechnology, chemistry, neuroscience, and psychology.