Student Father Name

District / Address

1 1st Radiology Bashir M Bajaur Agency
2 1st Radiology Jamal Hussain Peshawar
3 1st Radiology Sultan Zeb Bajaur Agency
4 2nd Anesthesia M. Ali Shah Sawabi
5 2nd Anesthesia Najeeb Ullah Charsadda
6 2nd Dental Akhtar Sher Peshawar
7 2nd Dental Gula Khan South Waziristan Agency
8 2nd Dental Khurshid Sawabi
9 2nd Dental Liaqat Ali Khan Peshawar
10 2nd Dental Shakir Ullah Dir
11 2nd DPT Irfan Ullah Peshawar
12 2nd Health Latif Khan Khyber Agency
13 2nd Radiology Abdul Ghafoor Buner
14 2nd Surgical Gul Zada Peshawar
15 2nd Surgical Muhammad Rahim Buner
16 2nd Surgical Sultan Jan Peshwar


Scholarship for government employees and their children, AMI employees and their children, orphans, position holders, Hafiz-e-Quran, disabled, Siblings and talented students.

Scholarship shall be awarded at the rate of 10% of the total Enrolment.