MD Message

It is a great honor to be part of an education institution that firmly believes in equipping determined learners to be future leaders.
It is amazing what we can achieve with the power of determination, trust and daring to be different. We are certainly on the road to further success and we should continue this vigor to take us to new levels of achievements.
Listening to successful graduates who attributed their accomplishments to their time at AMI is tremendously rewarding. It means AMI has realised its mission and vision to bring out the best in its students so that when they graduate, they can impact the community and the world at large.
This is why I am very pleased that AMI is taking the bold step to provide new ways of learning via online studies. The dream of obtaining a qualification is now a reality thanks to the advancement of technology.
We will continue growing from strength to strength and AMI will persist to raise the bar for top-notch education