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Scope :

There is an acute shortage of Medical Imaging technologists country wide; Because of which, there is a great scope for graduates of Medical Imaging Technology in public and private sectors throughout Pakistan. The employment opportunities are excellent abroad as well specially in middle east, Australia, USA, and Canada . It is an internationally recognized profession with great career opportunities



·         Diagnostic Radiographer

·         Quality Management Technologist

·         Computed Tomography Technologist

·         Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist

·         Vascular/Interventional Technologist

·         Cardiac Catheterization Technologist

·         Nuclear Medicine Technologist

·         Supervisor/Administrator

·         Educator

·         Researcher

·         Marketing/Salesperson

·         Applications Specialist

·         Radiologist Assistant

Graduate School

·         Health Policy Administration

·         Health Physics

·         Radiologist Assistant

·         Technical Communication

·         Education- Adult/Community College, Curriculum/Instructional Design

·         Medical School

The lists are not inclusive.  Opportunities continue to expand as the field of radiologic science evolves.

Radiology can be done in the following specializations:

·         Breast-imaging specialist

·         Diagnostic radiology

·         Genitourinary radiology

·         Cardiovascular radiologist

·         Emergency radiology

·         Radiation oncology

·         Gastrointestinal radiology

·         Nuclear radiology

·         Neuro-radiology

·         Pediatric radiology

A good radiologists must be skilled in the following areas:

·         A complete understanding of medical and human anatomy that relates human health.

·         Strong technical skills is required as they have to work on computer.

·         Excellent vision and analytical skills are required.

·         One must have interest and solid background in Biology, Physiology and Anatomy.