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Scope :

The Surgical Technology program provides the students with the professional skills required for a career in health care. The program introduces the student to the theory and practice of Surgical Technology and Perioperative practice in the classroom, laboratory and actual clinical setting.  Students are prepared to function as a professional and as a member of the surgical team by demonstrating knowledge of aseptic technique, surgical procedures and instrumentation. The learning environment for students facilitates the development of knowledge, skills and values for professional development.  The students garner sufficient background to be able to assimilate the policies and procedures of any health care institution consistent with their scope of practice in around the world.

Surgical Technologists are crucial members of the surgical  team. They are employed in hospital operating rooms, delivery rooms, cast rooms, ambulatory care units and central supply departments. They are utilized in clinics, ophthalmologists, physicians and dentists offices. With a broad educational background combined with the specialized focus they possess, Surgical Technologists function very well in such diverse areas as medical sales, product development and research, laser technology and bio-medical engineering.