Introduction              Vision , Mission & Objectives                    Scope                                 Facilities                               Services                                    Staff                  



1. IT and Internet Services

Ahmad Medical Institute Peshawar has Internet connection with 12 Mbps speed. Switches and router are deployed and working that connects all the Institute departments and administration block

AMI manage all the activities of the overall I.T. Infrastructure which includes network expansion and maintenance, providing maintenance/ troubleshooting services (network, hardware and software), website development.

2. Email Services

AMI provides email services to teaching, non-teaching staff and students to communicate electronically that can accessed globally.

3. Video Conferencing

AMI provides video conferencing facility which helps students, and faculty to attend online lectures, seminars, conferences by connecting to local as well as to foreign universities. This facility is free to the AMI staff.

 4. Virtual Private LAN Service

Institute facilities with VPN Services to access digital library anywhere outside the premises of AMI network.

5. National Digital Library

The National Digital Library program provides researchers access to international scholarly literature based on electronic (online) delivery.

6. Wi-Fi network

AMI provide Wireless network access service which help students in the research and education with mobility.

7. IT Workshops 

AMI IT Department arrange IT Workshop for students and employees which helps them to improve their technical skills.