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Scope Of Practice For Graduates :

Following the practices of countries with successful commensurate programs, the graduate works under the direct supervision of an Anesthetist/Anesthesiologist

Employment is usually found with a hospital Operating Suite, Intensive Care Units, a Community Hospital or Multi-speciality Hospitals.

The need for Anesthesia Technologists is great. Anesthesiology is a high risk speciality and  the need to increase the margin of safety in the practice of anesthesiology is mandatory for successful patient outcomes. This is  attainable only  with the presence of skilled Anesthesia Technologists/Anesthesia Assistants. An Anesthesia Technician (AT) is a trained medical professional who assistsanesthesiologists in a range of important tasks. With the aging of our population and the shortage of trained anesthesia technologists and other anesthesia personnel, there are many exciting job opportunities in this field.

Your associate degree will provide you with the extensive knowledge and training necessary to work under an anesthesiologist, as a vital member of the anesthesia care team, typically in an emergency, operating or delivery room.