Introduction              Vision , Mission & Objectives                    Scope                                 Facilities                          Admission Criteria                           Curriculum               


Vision :

The Department of Anesthesia IN (AMI)

Produce highly skilled Anesthesia Technologists who can provide critical care and become part of the anesthesia team to play their role for our community/country to

Reduce postponements/delay of specialized surgery in the Departments of Anesthesia in  Hospitals, Operating rooms  Intensive care units. Labor and delivery suite Pain clinic Radiology suite Gastroenterology suite  Ambulatory care centers

Sedation outside OR Labour  analgesia Central venous cannulation Arterial cannulation Intubation Percutaneous tracheostomy Lumbar puncture.due to the lack of skilled, competent staff, by the successful placement of graduatesProvide highly qualified Anesthesia Technologists to provide primary and secondary careIntroduce a new Bachelor Program, so that educational choices available to Saudi  Arabian youth can be increased

Mission :

The mission of the Department of Anesthesia IN  (AMI)

Create a new class of skilled and competent Anesthesia Technologists who will work under supervision of an Anesthetist/Anesthesiologist

Open up new educational opportunities, offer higher training, and increase the employability of the nation’s youth. 

Provide new avenues of learning and training for graduates in Anesthesiology, in order to result in more productive and versatile clinical contributors

Ensure and prepare the highest quality Anesthesia Technologists who will become valuable members of an Anesthesia team.

Objectives :

The Department of Anesthesia (AMI):

Introduce a new Bachelor Program, so that educational choices available to Pakistan  youth can be increasedEnable successful students to make a contribution,  and achieve  greater  versatility and interests in their professional careers.

 As a student in the Associate of Science degree in Anesthesia Technology program, thestudent ’ll gain expertise in how to prepare, administer and monitor pain management to patients. You’ll get a strong foundation in setting up medical equipment and instruments as they relate to anesthetic procedures, the role of medical ethics, the basics of pharmacology, details of surgical procedures, and how to correctly position or transport patients.