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    Fitness Members are expected to abide by these Rules as well as the Membership Rules. Any violation of the Rules may subject the Fitness Member to suspension or forfeiture of their Membership.


    Any Fitness Member who conducts themselves in an indecent manner, or who knowingly violates any of the Membership Rules may be denied service and access to the Fitness Club or may have their Membership suspended or forfeited.


    Good order, proper attire, etiquette consideration of the rights and comforts of others must be observed at all times.


    The Fitness Club will not be responsible for loss or damage to any personal property of the Fitness Member.


    Any complaints regarding the conduct of Fitness Facilities staff or of a Member should be reported directly to a Fitness Club instructor in writing.


    All members must carry and present their fitness club card for identification to use any of fitness club amenities. Use of facilities may be denied without proper ID.


    Fitness Members shall pay for any loss or damage to property for which they are responsible.  No property shall be lent to any Member or any other person for any reason.


    Fitness Members shall not bring any food into the fitness club at any time.


    Fitness Members should wear proper attire. When using the exercise equipment, Members must wear appropriate attire inclusive of shirt or top, shorts and or pants, and appropriate shoes.


    Smoking is not permitted in the entire building & members are strictly prohibited from spoiling gym environment.

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