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Scope :

Although Doctor of  Physical therapy (DPT) has been recently introduce in Pakistan but still with the short span of time, it has become one of the most growing field in the country and number of students are attracted towards it, is rising with each passing day. The field of Physiotherapy is concerend with the treatment of people effected by some injuries , disabilities or illness through various ways like Manual therapy ,exercise and education. A physiotherapist helps people of all ages in staying healthy , recovering from injury and preventing diseases.

Significance of Physiotherapy

1. Practitioner of choice.
2. No supervision needed, even in USA 33 states allow direct access and very soon in England limited prescription rights will be given to them.

3. A significant change in the scope of practice from dependent to independent practice.
4. With the new curriculum physiotherapists are capable to assess, diagnose and treat patients independently and people trust them that they are competent professionals.
5. Private independent practice has been improved significance in the field of Physiotherapy (DPT).

DPT (5 years) +1 year house job, approved curriculum from Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan and uniformed curriculum throughout the country, equivalency of 17 years of schooling (Like Pharm-D (D-Pharmacy), DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medical) and MBBS also recognized as professional education in the GOVT. as well as in private sectors.

          +  According to a survey in 2009, Physiotherapy was the 7th most earning profession in the world.
          +  Physiotherapists are granted 17 grades at start in Government & Private sector with many chances & excel  due to few graduates in Pakistan.
          +  Physiotherapists can work in the field of academics.
          +  Physiotherapists can look to be specialists in more than 20 specialties.
          +  Internationally granted jobs in Clinical & Research Sector.
          +  Majority works in USA, UK, Australia & many countries abroad.
          +  In 2008, Physiotherapy was 5th most earning profession in USA with 67000$ per annum.

Latest Reports in 2011 reveals the salary in USA as:

          +  Physical therapist =>   58276-73630 $ per annum.
          +  PT Assistant =>   38536-60396 $ per annum.
          +  According to “Science & Health Care Salary Survey(08-09).
          +  Physiotherapist =>    36232-47318 $ per annum.

          +  Senior Physiotherapist =>  48368-57255 $ per annum.
          +  Manager Physiotherapist => 58659-71686 $ per annum.

Specialized Physical Therapy can be done in many areas including:

          +  OMPT
          +  Sports physical therapy
          +  Neuro therapy
          +  Cardiovascular therapy
          +  Respiratory therapy
          +  Speech therapy
          +  Postural therapy

Some of the academic Title Awarded to the Dr. of Physiotherapy are:

          +  Lecturer
          +  Assistant Professor

          +  Associate professor
          +  Professor

          +  Administrative jobs
          +  Assistant director
          +  Deputy director and so on in the field of Education and Consultancy

Students who are interested in life sciences, believe in diversity of profession, want a professional career that is more than a job and also wish to make a difference in people’s life should adopt this profession. Like Specialist Physicians (MBBS with specialization in one of the fields), Physiotherapists are Rehabilitation Professionals who also work directly with the patients ensuring their recovery after surgery, injury, fracture or other acquired disabilities.

Public Sector (Grade 17 scale jobs)
Private Hospitals
Private clinics
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation centers
Aid Agencies & organizations
Sports clubs & teams
Medical Technology companies
International job placements