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Educational Goals :

The graduates of this program will be prepared to:

+   Communicate effectively.
+   Demonstrate professional behaviors.
+   Demonstrate sensitivity to cultural and individual differences.
+   Demonstrate effective clinical decision making skills.
+   Effectively educate others.
+   Demonstrate commitment to personal and professional growth.
+   Effectively determine client needs based on elements of patient/client management.
+   Efficiently and effectively develop and implement an appropriate plan of care and intervention.
+   Actively participate in management, consultative, and research activities

Educational Objectives :

Produce Graduate physiotherapists with advanced knowledge and skills in different areas of physiotherapy and rehabilitation .Improve the quality of physiotherapy and rehabilitation practices and services in Pakistan.
Promote the utilization of applied research to develop local capacity for planning and policy development to develop state of art physiotherapy management and rehabilitation protocols .
Develop national, regional and international cooperation and collaboration among institutions, groups and individuals known to be actively in developing and practicing physiotherapy and rehabilitation

The graduates of the Ahmad Medical Institute of physical therapy program will be expected to:

+   Demonstrate knowledge of the theoretical basis of physical therapy.
+   Demonstrate clinical competency in evaluation, treatment planning and implementation.
+   Integrate knowledge of basic sciences and physical therapy in order to modify treatment approaches  that reflect the breadth and scope of physical therapy practice.
+   Integrate the use of basic principles of research in critical analysis of concepts and findings generated by self and others. Actively recognize the rights and dignity of individuals in planning and administering programs of care.
+   Identify with and contribute to the aims and ideals of the profession.
+   Function as competent physical therapists in any health care setting.
+   Demonstrate command of knowledge which is necessary to function as an independent problem solver and learner in the practice environment.
+   Practice in an ethical and legal manner.