• Introduction     

    Library Rules


    The library shall be under the control of the MD (Managing Director)  for day to day management.


    To provide prompt services to all faculty, students and staff of AMI .


    To provide the better study environment.

    General rules for Faculty & Students

    The library remains open during working days. All faculty, students & staff should fill the library membership form. Every member should show his/her card to prove identification at circulation counter. Member can borrow and possess a book for a duration of a week. Do not write, underline or mark any book. Library books are carefully examined on return and the borrower will be responsible for any damage and replacement. In case, a book is lost or damaged by any member, He /She will be charged three times of the price of the book. Please, do not reshelf the books. Reference books, Newspapers and Periodicals, Audio-visual material can only be used in the library.All books and other materials available in library should be used with care, because the replacement is very difficult due to high cost. Members are advised to make use of photocopies service instead of mutilating the books & other material. Computers are provided in library IT lab . No student is allowed to use his / her own CDs or flash drives without the permission of computer lab in charge. Group study and discussion is allowed only in the designated room. Leave your personal belongings such as books, folders, handbags, briefcases, etc. at the library entrance. Complete silence should be observed except brief talk with the library staff at the circulation desk.


    Every student will arrange him/herself all the prescribed textbooks. Students can borrow two books for a period of 7 days. If the date of return takes place on a holiday, you may return books on next working day. A book can be re-issued twice, if any other student does not require the same.

    Lending rules for Faculty Members /Staff

    Professors, Associate & Assistant Professors can borrow 02 books for a period of  two months. Staff can borrow 01 book for a period of 14 days. A book can be re-issued twice, if any other faculty/ staff member does not require the same.


    All faculty members & students are advised to avoid discussion/ loud voice on any matter, political or friendly in the library because of silent environment for readers. Library member having any grievance or complaint will bring the matter to the notice of Librarian. False complaints are liable to the considered as offense and dealt with accordingly. Smoking is strictly prohibited in library. Drinks & eatables are not allowed in the library. Mobile phone conversation is strictly prohibited. Mutilation of the library material & any violation of these rules will have serious disciplinary action. Dress code will be observed. Children less than 10 years of age will not be allowed to enter the Library premises.

    Membership Cards

    Student college cards will be issued to the students by the concerned student affairs departments and service cards to faculty, consultants & staff by HR department. These both category cards are use as library cards. The cards are not transferable. Members are requested to bring their cards, as these are used for identification and issue/receipt of books. Membership cards remain the property of the AMI and must be returned when membership expires. Members must notify to the Librarian about any change of their present residential addresses. Loss of a card should be reported without delay to concerned department. Duplicate card may be issued by the concerned department as per policy.


    Library is working with the specific aim to provide the students and faculty with state of the art Library. Following facilities are available for members.


    Library has extensive collection on health sciences including general subjects.

    Material on CDs/DVDs (e-library)

    Library has broad collection of CDs/ DVDs for use of library members within the library.

    Magazine/ Periodicals

    Library has subscribed print medical journals and access to digital databases. Back issues of the medical journals are also available in the library.


    Library has subscribed national newspapers for users and faculty.
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